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Detailing Sprays und Spray Sealant Compared

The Koch-Chemie ProductSystem contains various sprays for the quick preparation of painted surfaces to achieve smoothness and gloss on the paint. To keep the overview and to keep the differences between the different detailing sprays and our spray sealant, we show you the application and advantages of the four products in a video.

Finish Spray exterior

With its special formula, Finish Spray exterior removes even stubborn limescale stains quickly and without leaving any residue. This finish spray therefore focuses on cleaning. It also maintains and preserves the treated surfaces. The result: color deepening, streak-free brilliant gloss and smoothness.

Quick & Shine

Our all-round talent for all smooth and painted surfaces. Quick & Shine is one of our most popular Quick Detailing Sprays. The spray cleans, maintains and preserves in only one step. The surfaces receive a color deepening and a streak-free brilliant gloss with lotus effect. Fingerprints and light soiling are removed quickly and easily. Quick & Shine is quickly removed and is therefore easy to apply.⁠

Quick Finish

You prefer the silicon oil-free version of Quick & Shine? No problem, but you can use Quick Finish for the same result. As Quick Finish does not contain any silicones it is especially useful for e.g. paint body shops.

Spray Sealant

Our efficient Spray Sealant quickly and easily produces a high-gloss surface with a velvety finish and clearly visible color enhancement. The sealing components create a perfect water beading effect. The effect of the Spray Sealant therefore exceeds that of a finish spray. It seals the surface long-term and is not used for cleaning.

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