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Professional Car Care in Winter.

4 Steps for a Simple Paint Preservation

Does a vehicle preparation in the winter or for the winter make sense? This is a question that many customers ask themselves over and over again. Car care is definitely a topic that booms in the spring and summer, but it's also helpful to seal cars in the winter to get through the "dirty season" scratch-free and as clean as possible.

Pre-cleaning with Green Star

In winter, the pre-cleaner can be quite mild. In the case of our Green Star, for example, a mixing ratio of 1:20 is suitable. In contrast to spring and summer, when the many insect stains must be removed effectively, road salt and normal winter dirt are easily soluble. Pre-cleaning is nevertheless essential so that the loose dirt is removed before hand washing and thus does not scratch the paint.

A hand wash is your best buddy

The loose dirt is gone, but now the static dirt in particular must also be removed. These dirt particles can only be loosened and washed off by manual action. Our strong foaming cleaning foam Gentle Snow Foam is very well suited for a gentle hand wash. Due to the pH-neutral setting, the shampoo is particularly suitable for cleaning sealed vehicles. Gentle Snow Foam forms an even, very well wetting foam carpet, which adheres to the surface for a long time and thus allows a long exposure time.

Next to paint preparation: Deep cleaning and polishing

The vehicle has been washed clean and is now ready for treatment with our cleaning clay. Kneading significantly improves the polishing result, which the cleaning clay removes all stubborn adhesions on the paint. Thus, the surface is as smooth as possible when it comes to the one- or two-step paint treatment.

When it comes to polishing, it's all about choosing the right polishing compound: For heavily weathered paintwork, our Heavy Cut polishing compound is the right choice; for medium scratches, Fine Cut polishing compound is used. To remove fine scratches and holograms afterwards, Micro Cut M3.02 is the right polishing compound in this case. Micro Cut & Finish P3.02 is not suitable in this case, as the car is to be sealed with Hand Wax W0.01 in the final step. The sealing component in the P3.02 polish is therefore not required. As always, the best polishing result is achieved with the color-coded pads matched to the polish. The vehicle is now optimally prepared for the paint sealant.

Paint sealing for winter preservation

In winter, you don't have to be on the road for long at all before your vehicle is ready for the next wash. Snow buildup or other typical winter dirt is not only annoying, but one would also prefer to avoid it as much as possible. A paint sealant helps keep a car from getting dirty so quickly because the dirt can't stick as easily. In addition, the dirt is also easier to wash off when washing the car. Koch-Chemie Hand Wax W0.01 is a great choice for winter paint sealing. With the help of the included premium carnauba wax, the treated surfaces are sealed and protected for the long term. Thanks to the now hydrophobic paint surface, removing road salt or snow dirt is made much easier.

You can find even more detailed answers on the subject of winter care in the three-part video series by the Autolackaffen on YouTube. It's worth a look!

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