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We Care About Your Safety.

Change in Fragrances

Safety of use is always the top priority for our products. When we develop a product at Koch-Chemie, we consciously consider the ingredients and weigh whether they are safe and compatible for the user and the environment. Of course, we also eliminate hazardous substances and always keep an eye on developments in chemical regulations and laws in order to adapt our products accordingly.

As the legislator classifies the fragrance Lilial as mutagenic as of 01.01.2022, we are of course converting all products affected by this. Thus, products with sandalwood or lilac fragrance will be produced Lilial-free and thus not mutagenic beginning with the next production.

Only our Active Foam, Active Foam Spring and our fragrance Oriental Spirit are affected by this change. Due to this change and the resulting change of the affected fragrance, a minimal change in the odor note is to be expected. The performance of these products are not affected by this.