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Christmas Donation as a New Tradition.

Koch-Chemie Donates to the Lebenszentrum Königsborn

Starting this year, Koch-Chemie will be making an annual Christmas donation to a good cause in the Unna district. In doing so, we want to strengthen our home region and support important projects in line with our values. For our first donation, we have chosen the Lebenszentrum Königsborn as our charity and officially handed over the donation of 5,000 Euro there yesterday.

The Lebenszentrum Königsborn is a recognized center of excellence for people with disabilities. People with severe multiple disabilities, adults in a vegetative state and in recovery phases as well as children and young people with neurological illnesses and social and psychological problems are supported and treated there. By providing professional care, the Lebenszentrum Königsborn enables these people to enjoy the best possible quality of life and promotes their individual development.

Our donation will help the Lebenszentrum Königsborn to make important new purchases and further expand specific projects, such as music therapy. During the tour of the facility, we got to know the many different areas. We were impressed by the high level of professional expertise and the great commitment of the team on site and are pleased to be able to make a contribution to this important work with our donation.

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