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Color Awakening with Colorful.

The New Color Concentrate Range for Self-Service Car Washes

Just in time for spring, our Colorful color concentrates also bring fresh color to the foam world of self-service car washes. The three colors Colorful Yellow, Colorful Blue and Colorful Green turn car washing into an emotional experience and inspire self-service car wash customers.

With the Colorful series, Koch-Chemie is launching three color concentrates on the market, which are added to the car shampoo. Here, 1l of the concentrate is added to a 20l or 30l canister. We particularly recommend its use in the Super Foam and Active Foam shampoos. The extraordinary foam and fragrance characteristics as well as the excellent cleaning performance of these successful products are additionally emotionalized by the coloring.

The color concentrates transform the otherwise white foam into a pastel yellow, blue or green, so that each wash box can delight customers with a different appealing color experience. With these color solutions, it is possible to customize the color intensity of the car shampoo and always have a surprise in store for customers.

Color without hazardous substances

Koch-Chemie does only use dyes in its Colorful products. In contrast to the ph-value indicator Phenolphthalein, which is often used and is responsible for the coloration of the foam, our dyes are harmless to humans. Phenolphthalein, on the other hand, belongs to the SVHC substances. These substances of very high concern (SVHC) are identified by the REACH regulation as substances with particularly hazardous properties because they can have serious effects on human health or the environment.

Phenolphthalein has been classified by REACH as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction. Therefore, Phenolphthalein must not be placed on the market or used if its concentration in the substance or mixture is equal to or greater than the specific concentration limit of 1%.

Although this concentration value is not exceeded when used in foam, we have decided against using Phenolphthalein. The health of our employees and customers is very important to us, so we do not want to expose anyone to this risk with our products. The Colorful products therefore rely entirely on dyes.

You can find a list with frequently asked questions about the Colorful color concentrates here: FAQ List.