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Factory of Excellence.

Our CompetenceCentre

Groundbreaking products, the filing of work processes and the passing on of specialist knowledge – the future of vehicle cleaning and car care is the everyday programme at the CompetenceCenter of Koch-Chemie in Unna. Here on several hundred square metres, the expert knowledge of our training team meets the car valeters of tomorrow.

Until recently the CompetenceCenter was the home of our development department, but the experience of recent years has shown that we need more space to share our expertise. In the CompetenceCenter we now only train partners and sales representatives with up-to-date knowledge of vehicle valeting and our products, so that they can provide our customers with ideal support. New generations of detailers also regularly pass through, as the Centre serves as the test site of the Federal Association for Vehicle Valeting (BFA) “Certified Vehicle Detailer” course (BFA/Chamber of Crafts).

Car care heaven

The CompetenceCentre maintains the highest of standards. Three years ago, in 2015, it was fully modernised and adapted to our needs with countless additional features added. It is currently divided into four areas:

  1. Wet zone with pre-dosing units. The core element of this is a high-pressure cleaner which is movable by means of a ceiling boom.
  2. Dry zone with several power and compressed air connections for handling vehicles indoors and out.
  3. Polishing centre with a total of seven work areas equipped with black sheets, rotary and eccentric machines, compounds and more.
  4. Training and meeting area with seminar and conference rooms, ideal for sharing knowledge and practical experience.

Training: from hazardous substances to polishing

The CompetenceCentre regularly hosts two-day trainings for both salaried and self-employed vehicle detailers. In groups of up to six, participants are trained with the latest expertise as part of a unique training system.

The trainings cover the theoretical and chemical foundations of vehicle valeting, as well as how to best handle hazardous substances. Further topics include vehicle washing, engine washing and rim cleaning; the ​​preparation of vehicle interiors with plastic, rubber, and leather care and odour neutralisation using KC Refresher; and finally, exterior treatment with plastic and rubber care, hologram-free polishing in a two-step process, nano coatings and sealing, and glass sealants.

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