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First Apprentice Welcome Day.

Three New Apprentices Start

Man cleans rims

Lots of new impressions, suddenly there are colleagues and school is exchanged for the company and vocational school – starting an apprenticeship can be intimidating. For our three new apprentices, we have therefore organized the first Apprentice Welcome Day, a detailed introduction day, for them during their first week at Koch-Chemie.

“We are pleased that Koch-Chemie is doing so well, even in the current crisis, so that we can offer apprenticeships and you can now start yours with us,” said Vincent Bossert, CEO, opening the Welcome Day in the morning. What followed was an extensive program in which various departments introduced themselves, the apprentices got to know all the halls, offices and colleagues during a plant tour and received important information about the course of their apprenticeship. “We also want to ensure that the introduction and supervision of our apprentices is professional. The transition from school to working life is not always easy. That’s why we want to provide support during the settling-in period and provide an insight into the entire company,” says Marius Spenner, Head of Human Resources.

An insight into our products should not be missing, of course. The three of them were given step-by-step instructions on how to wash a car and polish it with a machine, and were also allowed to test the equipment themselves in our CompetenceCenter in Unna.

The concept was well received. “I thought it was great that we not only got to know our department, but also know what is being worked on throughout the company. It was a panoramic view,” Dustin sums up after the Welcome Day.

With Nils-Erik and Dustin we have gained two new chemical technicians. Nils-Erik says: “I have known Koch-Chemie for a long time because I always clean my motorcycle with the products. Of course it is very interesting to now produce them on my own.” When Dustin chose his apprenticeship, it was immediately clear that he wanted to work in chemistry: “I applied to Koch-Chemie because I believe that a smaller company can respond more to each individual employee.” Fabian is trained as a warehouse logistics specialist at Koch-Chemie and is really looking forward to it: “I really enjoyed my taster day here at the warehouse.”

We wish our apprentices a successful training and a lot of fun!

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