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Koch-Chemie GmbH becomes the new owner of LEDERZENTRUM GmbH

Effective October 19th, 2023, LEDERZENTRUM GmbH, known for its product brand COLOURLOCK, becomes part of the German chemical manufacturer Koch-Chemie GmbH. The acquisition is an important milestone in the companies’ history which strengthens the market position as well as enables growth in further application segments.

LEDERZENTRUM was founded in 1995 and has established itself worldwide as a renowned brand in the leather sector. The company specializes in the manufacture of leather cleaning, repair and care products and in providing advice on their use. The product portfolio is marketed under the brand COLOURLOCK, which is particularly well-known in the automotive segment. The owners of LEDERZENTRUM, Matthias Beuck and Lars Pickhardt, were now confronted with the need for high investments to keep the company competitive. With the acquisition, Koch-Chemie is ready to face these challenges as LEDERZENTRUM fits the brand core and growth strategy of the German company.

As experts in their respective customer segments and natives to the automotive market, Koch-Chemie and LEDERZENTRUM complement each other with their product portfolios. LEDERZENTRUM matches Koch-Chemie’s commitment to innovation in line with the company’s Vision and Mission. Therefore, Koch-Chemie and LEDERZENTRUM have concluded that an acquisition is the best decision for both companies to continue generating growth, innovation and customer intimacy.

In this decision, Koch-Chemie receives the support of the investors of Group Novarc, who believe that Koch-Chemie should be further promoted as the market leader within the Group. Through the acquisition, Koch-Chemie and LEDERZENTRUM are able to further invest and expand. For reference, the Group has invested over 7.7 Million Euros in the site at Unna since 2018 until today. Through the acquisition of LEDERZENTRUM, Koch-Chemie will maintain this growth in the future.

During a transition phase, which will last until the third quarter of 2024, all measures for a successful integration will be thoroughly analyzed and planned. Portfolios, products, and service concepts will remain to keep the same level of quality and customer satisfaction. Ensuring a successful integration, the former owners of LEDERZENTRUM, will participate in the measures and thus further develop Koch-Chemie and LEDERZENTRUM. This continues the already successful cooperation during the negotiation phase.

About Koch-Chemie

Since 1968 Koch‑Chemie stands for high-quality cleaning and care products in the fields of washing chemistry, detailing, workshop and industry. Tradition, which is characterized by constant improvements and attention to detail: Excellence for Experts. We are one of the few companies in our industry that researches, produces and sells its own products. Customers include OEMs, professional detailing shops, car wash facilities and industrial companies.

In more than 50 years, Koch-Chemie has developed into an international brand. Since June 2017, the company has been part of the international Novarc Group, which supports Koch-Chemie on its growth and expansion course. With the establishment of its first subsidiary in the USA in 2020, Koch-Chemie is actively working on its global presence. Koch-Chemie continues to expand in terms of personnel and space at its headquarters in Unna, Germany. The company now employs more than 140 people and 30 sales representatives.

We identify ourselves with our company origin Germany with its high quality, social and environmental standards, to which we commit ourselves through various management systems as well as our Vision, Mission and Values. Customer-oriented service is just as important to us as outstanding product quality. Through years of research and close cooperation with our demanding clientele, we are now among the world leaders.


LEDERZENTRUM GmbH was founded in 1995 and specialises in producing leather cleaners, leather repair and leather care products and advice on their application. COLOURLOCK is the brand for the product range and has its origin in New Zealand. Based in Rosdorf, Germany LEDERZENTRUM employs more than 50 people.

After more than 20 years, LEDERZENTRUM has become a well-known brand in the leather sector world-wide. LEDERZENTRUM distributes its product range beyond the national borders and has foreign representation in a lot of countries. Leather objects are highly valued and LEDERZENTRUM helps customers to have long-lasting enjoyment from them not

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