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KCX City in Unna Grows.

New Buildings, Loading Ramps and a Chic Paint Job

A lot has happened at our location in Unna in the past year. A new sales building, a warehouse and new premises for our polishing laboratory are now part of the constantly growing "KCX City" in Unna. The reason for this is clear: the company is growing. In order to cope with the growth, many new employees have joined the KCX team in the last two to three years. In addition to office space, warehouse space is needed to handle the increased sales and to serve our ever-growing number of customers in markets around the world.

New paint for our buildings

To match the exterior design of our administration building, the other buildings have now also been branded with KCX. The design of the three administrative buildings, the warehouses and the production facilities is now all of a piece. This way, every visitor recognizes directly from a distance who is at home in Einsteinstraße or Max-Planck-Straße: KCX City.

Crane deployment for loading ramps

To make interaction with freight forwarders at our warehouse as simple and effective as possible, our warehouse now has two ramps in the loading area, which significantly optimize the loading and unloading of trucks. The delivery of these was a real spectacle. For this, both ramps were lifted off the trailer with a crane and placed in front of our warehouse.

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