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On a Green Note.

Climate Neutrality and Environmentally Friendly Products

Alongside our products, we have also constantly developed our corporate culture over the past few years. Thus, six elementary KCX values have emerged from the cooperation and ideas of all Koch-Chemie employees, which significantly influence us in our daily and future-relevant decisions.

Sustainability is one of these six supporting pillars. A fundamental way of thinking that is lived by every single team member and implemented in all areas of our company.

Our sustainability strategy is divided into two main objectives. All measures pursue one of these endeavors:

  • Climate neutrality of the company

  • Environmentally friendly products

Honesty with Certificate and Label

We have made a conscious decision to use independent, already established labels and certifications and not to develop our own test marks. Behind the external labels that distinguish our products are strict, transparent guidelines with maximum credibility and significance, as our processes and goals are regularly reviewed.

Environmental Goals with DIN EN ISO 14001

As early as 1989, with the launch of the Star range, Koch-Chemie took a pioneering role in sustainability and launched products on the market in accordance with DIN standard 14001. Since then, environmental goals and the well-being of this very nature have been firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy and our entire environmental management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Climate Neutral Company with Climate Partner

Climate Partner supports companies in calculating and reducing their CO2 footprint and fully offsetting any remaining emissions. Climate Partner's climate-neutral label guarantees complete transparency and authenticity: With the help of a unique ID number, consumers can trace without a doubt which measures Koch-Chemie is taking to reduce emissions, which climate protection projects we are supporting, and how much CO2 we are offsetting.

Environmentally Friendly Products with Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product's life cycle. Particularly strict requirements apply to chemicals used. At the same time, however, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel also tests the effectiveness of products to ensure optimum consumption that protects our planet's resources. Packaging is also put through its paces: According to the Nordic Swan criteria catalog, this should contribute to a circular economy by paying attention to packaging design and material, for example. With the help of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we are constantly working to establish a completely environmentally friendly product line.

On our sustainability page, we have listed all the measures we have already implemented and explain how sustainability is developing for us along the entire value chain.

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