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Like a New Engine Bay.

Engine Bay Conservation With Motorplast

Once the engine bay has been cleaned, you will want to it to remain clean for as long as possible. We have our universal cleaner Green Star and the engine conserver Motorplast in our range as a powerful duo for a quick preparation of the engine compartment.

Motorplast acts as a preservative for engines, housing parts, rubber hoses and power units on vehicles, giving the treated parts a new look. After cleaning the engine bay, the product is sprayed into the still wet surfaces and then has a water-displacing effect. Motorplast dries completely and forms a permanently elastic protective film. This protective film prevents the dirt from re-binding and thus protects the treated surfaces from corrosion and environmental influences.

Clean, spray on, close hood.

The application of our Motorplast is simple. First the engine bay should be prepared for conservation, i.e. coarse dirt such as leaves must be removed and the surfaces cleaned. We recommend our Green Star for effective cleaning. Motorplast is then sprayed thinly onto the pre-cleaned, still wet surfaces directly afterwards. Now the preservative just needs to dry.

In the video we show you the application step by step with a before and after comparison.

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