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New formulation of PreWash B.

Phosphonate-free formulation for improved bioavailability

PreWash B has been one of our most popular precleaners for car and truck prewash for many years. However, a long history in our product range does not automatically mean that we do not revise and optimize product formulations from time to time. This spring, we added a new complexing agent to PreWash B and PreWash B NTA-free, making them HEDP-free. In this way, the new formulation of the PreWash B variants are even better suited to biological water treatment.

About the chemical background

During the very good wash figures of our car wash customers last year, we increasingly detected elevated iron values in the process water. Through constructive cooperation with a partner for biological water treatment, we were able to trace the iron issue back to the presence of the bivalent HEDP phosphonate. The HEDP forms finely divided iron phosphate in biological systems, which interferes with the biological purification of the process water. Simply explained: the iron phosphate unbalances the process water treatment. The phenomenon was due to the use of PreWash B. An improved formulation was needed.

The bottom line

By using new complexing agents, we were able to eliminate the iron phosphate formation and thus significantly improve the biodegradability of the formulation. At the same time, the optimization ensures increased stability in water treatment, especially in older plants – and all this with the same cleaning performance, pH value and anodizing compatibility of the new PreWash B.

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