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Clean, Control, Prepare.

New Control Spray For Paint Preparation

The ready-to-use spray for degreasing the paint – that's our Panel Preparation Spray. The alcohol-based cleaner removes oils, waxes and polish residues from the surface, revealing the unadorned appearance of the paint. Holograms and scratches, if present, are revealed on the degreased surface. This makes it easy to check whether the paint needs to be polished again or has already been perfectly prepared.

A must before sealing

Before applying a sealant such as our Ceramic Allround C0.01, Hand Wax W0.01 or 1K Nano, the surface must be free of any grease. If there are still oils, waxes or polish residues on the paint, the sealant cannot bond properly with the surface, resulting in a reduced service life and less protection. The Panel Preparation Spray is therefore an important step in preparing the paint for sealants of all kinds.

Ready to use – simply spray it on

Due to the special ingredients, the product is very compatible with the material and easy to use. It should only be used on solvent-resistant paints, plastics and metals. Panel Preparation Spay is already filled ready for use, so no dilution is required. Application could therefore not be easier. The ready-to-use cleaner is sprayed onto the surface to be degreased and wiped off using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. We recommend our KCX polish and sealing towel (Art. No. 999241). The Panel Preparation Spray is free of halogenated hydrocarbons.

441500 Panel Preparation Spray 500ml