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Why BFA, IDA and ICA are important for us

It is almost impossible to successfully work a new market without having the corresponding knowledge or experience. We are realizing this again now when we enter the American market. Research, exchange with partners and competitors but also market observation at trade fairs and other events are the key to success. Associations help immensely here. This is one of the reasons why we are a member of the IDA (International Detailing Association) and the ICA (International Car Wash Association).

Associations connect. That is already in the name. With a variety of events, they offer a platform for exchange, discussion and learning new things. The so-called “Education Days” are a fixed component and an excellent way to find out about new research results, innovations, applications and market developments.

From January 30 to February 1, for example, we participated in the Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida. There we met with other potential US partners and gained many interesting new insights.

Sven Bauer, International Sales Manager at Koch-Chemie, is in charge of expansion in the USA and draws very positive feedback from the time in Florida: “The Mobile Tech Expo 2020 in Orlando was another piece in the mosaic on our way to gain a foothold in the USA. Through many interesting conversations with potential distributors, partners and professional users, we were once again able to learn a lot about the US market and find out that in the end, even in the USA, it is all about one thing: A perfect result and therefore a satisfied customer”.

We are also active in Germany in the work of associations. As a member of the BFA, the Federal Association of Vehicle Detailing, we have been committed to the profession of the detailer and the appreciation of the specialist for many years. As a company, we contribute to the further training of the detailers, for example through our special training courses.

Association work is complex. Above all because even in the face of prevailing competition, the focus is always on cooperation and exchange.

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