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The New Element.

Koch-Chemie Introduces Figurative Mark

Just as Koch-Chemie has evolved as a company in recent years, we have continued to think about brand communication and design elements, especially in 2020. Our Corporate Identity has adapted to new trends, use cases and our Marketing language. In the process, the seeds of a major, exciting innovation have also sprouted. With the new year 2021, Koch-Chemie is introducing a figurative mark: The New Element.

Why a Figurative Mark?

A figurative mark is a design element that represents the Brand Identity in a compressed form. In contrast to our word mark, KCX is more compact and creates recognition even in a small space. As an additional design element, it also offers freedom in packaging and advertising design. Well-learned and understandable, a figurative mark allows people who come into contact with the brand to understand which brand it is just by looking at this one sign. People who see KCX should think of Koch-Chemie and all the brand associations right away.

Evolution in Corporate Identity

The introduction of the KCX figurative mark marks the beginning of a brand evolution. Koch-Chemie has positioned itself strongly as a brand over the years – this applies to product and service quality as well as to the Corporate Identity and a stringent Corporate Design with high recognition. It was therefore important for us that a figurative mark could be directly derived from our existing brand identity and thus feel like a natural, intuitive extension. In various stages of development, we therefore compressed our word mark "KochChemie ExcellenceForExperts" into our figurative mark: KCX.

Our new figurative mark is introduced as an independent brand element and exists alongside the word mark. From now on, our logo will be composed of both parts.

Of course, the introduction of the figurative mark is a multi-step process. In all digital media, the figurative mark is immediately added or used. In print media, advertising materials, office design and also labels, the figurative mark will now be gradually added.

That way, the new figurative mark is to be learned by everyone: Evolution instead of revolution.