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Streak-Free Gloss.

Truck Dry Becomes Truck Dry & Gloss

As a premium run-off dryer with a gloss effect, Truck Dry & Gloss is particularly well suited for commercial vehicle and bus washes without a drying fan, and its improved formula sets it apart from other products in this category.

Our new premium run-off dryer will convince everyone who already loves Truck Dry. Thanks to our improved formula, Truck Dry & Gloss not only exhibits good run-off performance, but dries vehicles without lime spots, spotting or streaking while giving the paint a beautiful shine.

As the name suggests, the drain dryer is designed for commercial vehicles such as buses. These vehicles are often washed in car washes without a drying fan. In such applications, a run-off dryer with its hydrophilic properties ensures that the water film on the paint surface runs off horizontally in a thin film. 

The right application

In order for the dryer to create a hydrophilic surface on which the water runs off the vehicle in a thin film, it is recommended to use 60-150ml of concentrate per vehicle, depending on the length of the vehicle and the amount of water, hydrophilic up to a dilution of approx. 1:800. In addition, Truck Dry & Gloss is fast-release in accordance with ├ľNORM 5106 and VDA Class A compliant.

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