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Clean cloths, convincing results

Washing guide for microfiber cloths

Anyone who uses car wash chemicals cannot do without microfiber cloths. Whether polishing out, drying or applying, microfiber towels are very versatile and a practical support for every vehicle conditioner.

With our Towel System, we offer a large selection of cloths specially compiled for different areas of application. But cloths are only as good as their condition. Therefore, the care and cleaning of microfiber towels is also particularly important. So that nothing can go wrong when cleaning your towels, we have washing instructions and a few helpful tips for you.

With a few tips to a clean cloth

Before washing: Before putting the cloths in the washing machine, there are a few general tips to follow. New cloths should always be washed before the first use to remove possible production residues. Wash new, dark microfiber cloths separately from lighter ones to avoid staining. Always wash only microfiber cloths of the same application areas together (interior, exterior, polish) to avoid cross-contamination. Other materials such as cotton should also not be washed together with the cloths.

The washing process: To properly wash microfiber cloths, a special microfiber detergent should be used. It is important to ensure that it is free of fragrances, dyes, bleach and softeners. To prevent powder residue, use liquid detergent.

After washing: Put the cloths in the dryer at low heat or hang them on a line after carefully beating them out. The cloths should not be ironed.

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