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COVID-19 Crisis: An Update.

Koch-Chemie Remains Capable of Acting

Koch-Chemie branded mask hanging with working employee in the background

Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly. Even regions, countries that felt they were safe or on the right track almost invariably suffer setbacks or no improvements. The cause is “simple”: people get infected. They get infected because the virus is real, the virus continues to spread very dynamically and many people simply continue to get too close, sometimes not wanting to recognize the real danger to health and life, for themselves and others.

We at Koch-Chemie are fortunate enough to not have a single employee who was infected with COVID-19. Unfortunately, the cases are getting closer and closer.

In the company, all requirements have been met for a long time to prevent any further possible infection. The hygiene rules in operation are clear, stringent and must be adhered to without exception. That works perfectly. Further measures are regularly considered and implemented to further reduce the risk of infection.

All of these measures meet three clear objectives:

  • We do everything to stay healthy.
  • We do everything to keep Koch-Chemie up and running and to remain a regular support to our customers, sales representatives, and business partners.
  • We are doing everything to ensure that Koch-Chemie will emerge from the crisis successfully, strong and strengthened.

Stay healthy!

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