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Premiere For Our Exclusive Customer Event.

EventForExperts 2022

The USA has truly become a home market for Koch-Chemie in the last two years. It is fantastic to see how quickly our brand has made a name for itself and that so many customers already rely on the proven Koch-Chemie quality in the USA as well. So it was time to give something back to our customers and provide even deeper insights into the KCX product world. At the first EventForExperts at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta (PECATL), the exclusively invited 75 customers were able to benefit from two days of concentrated knowledge exchange with KCX experts from the USA and Germany, try out new products themselves and network with each other.

Focus on the product

During the two days, the focus was on the Koch-Chemie US portfolio. At a total of five different workshop stations, the participants washed, were presented cleaning and care products for interior and exterior use and, of course, polished with the Polish System. A highlight was the presentation and training of Ceramic Allround C0.02, which is now also available in the USA. All customers gladly used the breaks for an exchange among each other. Thus, the insight was not only interesting for us to get to know frequently occurring challenges from the market, but also to learn from our customers, to take away new ideas and to intensify business relations.

Evening event at the race track

The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta was a perfect location for us. During the day we were able to use different rooms for theoretical and practical workshops, which were characterized by an exciting, high-quality atmosphere around premium cars. During the evening event in the Heritage Gallery, we were able to trace the history of Porsche through impressive exhibits. Those who felt like it were also invited to take a lap on the race track at PECATL.

At EventForExperts, the focus is on our customer, so it was important for us to pay tribute to special partners who have given us extraordinary support on the KCX USA trip so far – an emotional moment for everyone involved. But the rest did not go empty-handed either: With the KCX branded Porsche model car, each of the participants can now decorate the office with a unique exhibit.

The first in a series

EventForExperts has just begun. Koch-Chemie will now hold an annual customer event to engage in an intensive exchange with customers. Participation is by prior invitation, as the event is intended for a closed group of participants.

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