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Three Brushes for a Clean Interior.

Interior Brush Set now in our portfolio

Keeping the car’s interior clean is not always easy. In addition to places where coarse dirt quickly collects, such as the sill trims or foot pedals, there are also places that are difficult to reach. In addition, there are materials that require special care, such as piano lacquer or displays.

The coarse, the fine and the extra fine

Our new Interior Brush Set not only makes it easy to clean many areas of the interior, but also simplifies the work process thanks to its practical color coding. The respective color ring lets you quickly and easily identify which "degree of hardness" the brush has. We have chosen the same color coding as for our polishing pads. But what exactly are the three brushes suitable for?

The red brush is our choice for rough work. It is particularly suitable for work such as cleaning the door sill trims or foot pedals, and its coarse bristles make it stand out. The right chemicals for cleaning are our Green Star or Mehrzweckreiniger.

When it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach parts, such as ventilation grilles, the yellow brush is the right choice. Its long, fine bristles make cleaning much easier. Here again, you can use Green Star or Mehrzweckreiniger.

Fingerprints and other annoying dirt can hardly be avoided, especially on touch displays. To prevent scratching during cleaning, our green brush has particularly fine bristles, which are ideal for piano lacquer or other sensitive surfaces such as displays. Together with the Allround Surface Cleaner, the green brush is a must-have.

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