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KCX Live on Air.

New Professional Streaming Equipment a Resounding Success

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink and restructure in many areas, including our training culture. For a year now, our training courses and seminars for customers and distributors can no longer be held on-site at the customer's premises or at the CompetenceCenter. However, because knowledge transfer is an important pillar in our service strategy, we already started virtual training courses last year. However, the technical equipment we initially used quickly reached its limits. The video resolution of the transmission was not high enough, fine scratches on the paint could not be captured with the camera and battery runtimes were suboptimal. A professional solution was needed.

CompetenceCenter becomes streaming center

Together with two professionals from the field of TV production, we have therefore now implemented our own claim to excellence in the area of our streaming. If you now walk into our CompetenceCenter, you will find a rolling rack with monitors, lights and antennas. This rack is a compact solution for bundling all the technology we need - our mobile broadcasting center, so to speak. The entire equipment is tailored exactly to our needs. When filming the practical parts of the training, we are helped by a professional camera with useful equipment that, for example, filters out reflections from the paint surface so that paint defects etc. can be shown more clearly in the video. Through in-ear devices, the trainer hears the questions of the training participants quietly in the ear, as with stage directions on television. Interpreters can also be integrated without any loss of quality, thus facilitating the exchange of information.

Worldwide enthusiasm

At first glance, the equipment seems overwhelming. Thanks to the excellent preparation and set-up as well as detailed introduction by our consultants, our broadcast center is easy to operate even for us laymen. In the meantime, our application technology and international sales department have conducted several training sessions with our distributors worldwide and received high praise for the improved quality. The course of a training is well-rehearsed and runs smoothly thanks to the improved process. We can also use our new video equipment for virtual trade shows, our own video shoots and other streaming services, of course. We are looking forward to all these possibilities.