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Not All Sprays Are Created Equal.

Quick Detailer and Spray Sealant in Comparison

The Koch-Chemie ProductSystem includes various sprays for the quick preparation of painted surfaces to conjure up smoothness and gloss on the paint. The products differ from each other in their properties, the necessary preparation and application.

Our Quick Detailers

Three of our sprayable products fall into the Quick Detailer category. Quick Detailers are intended for quick preparation in between. They have a cleaning effect to remove fingerprints, dust and water spots, for example, while enhancing the gloss of the paint. Depending on the product, a Quick Detailer can be used for external use only or for interior use as well. A Quick Detailer usually only provides gloss and rarely has sealing properties. Often, however, Quick Detailers, like our three below, are said to have preservative properties that protect against rapid resoiling. This preservation is similar to conservers used in car washes during drying, for example. They provide good beading and sheeting, but cannot build long-term paint protection or protect against the car getting dirty again.

Finish Spray exterior

With its special formula, Finish Spray exterior removes even stubborn lime stains quickly and without leaving residues. This finish spray therefore focuses on cleaning. It also cares for and preserves the treated surfaces. The result: color deepening, streak-free brilliant shine as well as smoothness.

Quick & Shine

This is our all-round talent for all smooth and painted surfaces. Quick & Shine is one of our most popular Quick Detailers. In just one step, the spray cleans, conditions and preserves. The surfaces get a color deepening and a streak-free brilliant shine with lotus effect. Fingerprints and light dirt are removed quickly and easily. Quick & Shine is quickly absorbed and is therefore easy to use.

Quick Finish

You prefer the silicone oil-free variant? No problem, you can use Quick Finish for the same result. Since Quick Finish contains no silicones, it is especially useful for e.g. paint stores.

Our spray sealant

Spray sealants, on the other hand, are designed to seal and protect the conditioned paint for the long term. Such products are not intended for in-between use, but require thorough cleaning and paint preparation. After all, the goal is to seal paint that is scratch- and hologram-free and clean. A spray sealant itself has no cleaning properties. The service life of a spray sealant cannot be compared with that of a ceramic sealant, for example. However, depending on the product, it provides several weeks to months of gloss, smoothness and hydrophobicity on the treated surfaces.

Spray Sealant

Our efficient spray sealant quickly and easily provides a high-gloss surface with a velvety finish and clearly visible color enhancement. The sealant components create a perfect water-beading effect. The paint surface must be free of sealers, dryers, oils, greases, silicones, etc. before application so that Spray Sealant can bond with the paint surface. Now the Spray Sealant is sprayed onto the paint surface and, after briefly flashing off, buffed off with a clean microfiber towel. This is done component by component, because the Spray Sealant must not be allowed to dry on, otherwise it can cause matting. Thorough work is required in the preparation and application. The effect of the Spray Sealant therefore goes beyond that of a Quick Detailer. It seals the surface for the long term and is not used for cleaning.

We also show you the differences and application of the various detailing sprays and our spray sealant in this video.

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