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New Formulation of Hallenreiniger mild-sauer

With our improved formulation of Hallenreiniger mild-sauer, acid-resistant materials such as glass or wash hall tiles are quickly and thoroughly freed from inorganic soiling. At the same time, the cleaner has exceptionally good material compatibility and is ideally suited for use in biological process water systems.

New with lemon fragrance

Hallenreiniger mild-sauer has long been included in our portfolio of acid cleaners. With the new formulation, it is now more strongly adjusted, i.e. soiling is removed even more effectively. However, due to the new ingredients, the product also develops a stronger inherent odor. We have therefore added a lemon scent to the new mild-sour hall cleaner.

As the name suggests, Hallenreiniger mild-sauer is suitable for manual cleaning of glass surfaces, wash hall tiles, stainless steel aggregates, plastic cladding, etc. Lime, environmental dirt, rust film and other inorganic soiling are thoroughly removed after a short exposure time. Depending on the soiling, the dilution varies from 1:5 to 1:15. To remove even stubborn soiling, it should be reworked mechanically using a pad, brush or sponge.

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