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Our Acid-Free Rim Cleaners in Comparison.

An Interview With Our Developer

With the Magic Wheel Cleaner we added a new acid-free rim cleaner to our product portfolio in June. This new acid-free powerhouse is the next development stage in this product category. However, its predecessors all retain their raison d’être. Our product developer Dr. Ralf Münzenberg explains in an interview how the Magic Wheel Cleaner differs from the related rim cleaners.

Why was Magic Wheel Cleaner developed?

Dr. Münzenberg: The Magic Wheel Cleaner sets new standards in the cleaning of the rim and rim well. Our other acid-free rim cleaners have sometimes reached their limits, especially when the rim well is extremely dirty. Due to the higher viscosity of Magic Wheel Cleaner, however, the cleaner now adheres much better and can therefore fully exploit its cleaning power. Even after a longer application time the dirt remains bound and the cleaner does not dry up. In short: When touchless cleaning a rim, Magic Wheel Cleaner is the right cleaner for heavy soiling.

What is the advantage of acid-free cleaners?

Dr. Münzenberg: Acid-free cleaners are particularly suitable for sensitive rims because of their mild setting. This means that even matt lacquered rims, highly polished, turned and compressed rims, chrome-plated rims, powder-coated rims, two-component rims (aluminium, plastic) and lacquered light alloy rims can be powerfully cleaned without any problem.

With which rim cleaners can Magic Wheel Cleaner be compared?

Dr. Münzenberg: Generally with all our other acid-free rim cleaners. The first in our portfolio was the Felgenblitz säurefrei, a neutral, viscous rim cleaner. This is also a pH-neutral rim cleaning gel based on a special neutral ingredient. The Reactive Rust Remover is also an acid-free cleaner, but we have developed it especially for rust removal. It can be sprayed on the entire car to dissolve the burnt-in metal particles. Therefore, it is also suitable for cleaning rims to remove burnt-in brake dust. In our private customer range we also carry the rim cleaning gel ReactiveWheelCleaner. When putting together our private customer products, we have taken particular care to ensure that even a non-professional, i.e. someone who is not commercially involved in vehicle care, can use the products safely.

So in which case do I need the Magic Wheel Cleaner?

Dr. Münzenberg: The Magic Wheel Cleaner is unbeatable when it comes to heavily soiled rims. If rims are to be washed without the additional use of brushes, sponges or a post-cleaning process, then Magic Wheel Cleaner should be used.

More information about Magic Wheel Cleaner and the application video can be found in this blog post about the product.

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