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The Rim Dirt Magnet

Powerful and gentle at the same time – the Magic Wheel Cleaner combines the best of both worlds. Its innovative performance ensures thorough, mild cleaning of rims and rim wells, while being completely acid-free.

Behind the Magic

Due to its high viscosity, the rim cleaner adheres very well to the surface and thus enables an effective dirt solution over the entire contact time. Special dirt carriers gently disperse and remove stubborn dirt from the surface. The reaction of its reactive component with the iron particles produces the characteristic red discoloration. Even after prolonged  exposure, the dirt remains bound and the cleaner does not dry out. Due to its mild setting, we recommend Magic Wheel Cleaner even for sensitive rims.

Recommendations of use

  1. Shake Magic Wheel Cleaner briefly prior to use and spray the rim surface and rim well thoroughly.
  2. Depending on the amount of dirt, allow two to five minutes for Magic Wheel Cleaner to take effect on the rim
  3. Then rinse thoroughly using a high-pressure spray.