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KC-Refresher Effective Against Corona Virus.

The Koch-Chemie Solution

An effective solution for interior disinfection – Koch-Chemie has it. In combination with the KC-Refresher Fluid, the KC-Refresher can help disinfect interiors and air conditioning systems and thus free the vehicle from mould, bacteria and even enveloped viruses such as the Corona virus. The disinfecting effect of the KC-Refresher Fluid has been proven by laboratory tests.

The KC-Refresher is an innovative solution of a German company, which enables a permanent destruction of odours in the vehicle interior and other rooms by means of a non-hazardous special fluid, without the use of ozone. The simultaneous disinfecting effect can currently help to contain the spread of Covid-19. Koch-Chemie is the exclusive sales partner in the automotive sector and therefore recommends the use of the KC-Refresher especially for rental cars, fleet vehicles, taxis, car sharing etc. The KC-Refresher can also be used in small rooms, if necessary with two or three applications in different places.

The KC-Refresher fights harmful substances such as bacteria, enveloped viruses and mould, effectively and long lasting. The solution lies in the technology of hot fogging, which combats potential danger carriers in two ways: by biological agent of the KC-Refresher Fluid and by application temperature.

The effectiveness of disinfection against bacteria and mould has been confirmed by the internationally renowned Institute for Biochemistry at the University of Mannheim. In tests with the KC Refresher, both a strong reduction of germs and an inhibiting effect on the growth of germs could be proven. This has been proven especially for bacteria, but also to a remarkable extent for mould, which is responsible for a considerable health burden.

The effectiveness against enveloped viruses, such as the Corona virus, was tested and confirmed by a renowned laboratory on the basis of the DIN EN 17272. The fine distribution of the KC-Refresher Fluid in combination with its effectiveness against bacteria, enveloped viruses, germs and mould make the KC-Refresher the product of choice for effective and lasting interior disinfection.

Application is quick and easy. A more intensive treatment is necessary to ensure that enveloped viruses can be reliably combated. Let the device vaporize 200ml of the KC-Refresher Fluid. The total effective time should be at least 60 minutes. The KC-Refresher Fluid is finely nebulized and thus penetrates into the furthest corners of the interior, especially into the ventilation system and the air conditioning system evaporator. Due to the combination of active ingredients and hot fogging, the application is independent of temperature and humidity. The vehicle can be used again shortly after application.

Of course, the KC-Refresher does not replace regular hand washing and the reduction of social contacts. As effective additional protective measures, it can help to contain the spread of the corona virus to a certain extent.