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At Koch-Chemie, sustainability is more than just a collection of environmentally friendly products: It is an integral part of our DNA and embedded in many different processes along the KCX value chain. Our understanding of sustainability emerged from the cooperation and ideas of all Koch-Chemie employees as part of six elementary KCX values that significantly influence us in our daily and future-relevant decisions. We think "green" — in raw materials, in manufacturing and disposal processes, in the use of our products as well as in all other supporting processes within our everyday business.

Sustainability Along the Value Chain.


Raising awareness of energy saving potential with the help of the company suggestion scheme 

Electrification of the vehicle fleet 

Installation of a photovoltaic system

Research & Development

Sustainability and safety are focal points in development

Easy biodegradability of products

Use of surfactants from renewable raw materials

Optimization of products to reduce drinking water consumption

Avoidance of questionable ingredients such as halogenated hydrocarbons, EDTA and APEO

High yield of all products


Environmentally friendly raw materials according to formulations

Environmentally friendly packaging alternatives and recycling concepts

Optimization of the supplier mix with regard to country of origin and transport routes

Marketing & Distribution

Reduction of print media

Sustainable advertising materials portfolio

Sustainable packaging through sensible box sizes, minimal buffer material and environmentally friendly materials


Continuous optimization of processes for efficiency and energy savings

Warehouse & Shipping

Climate-neutral shipping with dpd

Waste Disposal

Volume reduction of waste

Waste collection by type and further processing into new packaging

Recycling concept for containers with certified suppliers

On a Green Note: Climate Neutrality and
Environ­mentally Friendly Products

Use of renewable energies

Electrification of the vehicle fleet

Volume reduction of waste

Consistent implementation of the quality and environmental management systems

Reduction of print media

Climate-neutral shipping with dpd

Vision of a climate-neutral product portfolio

Easy biodegradability of products

Optimization of products to reduce drinking water consumption

Focus on occupational safety and environmental protection in the raw material selection and thus avoidance of questionable ingredients

Highly concentrated formulations for optimized dosage and reduced transport volumes  

Environmentally friendly packaging alternatives

Honesty with Certificate and Label.

We have made a conscious decision to use independent, already established labels and certifications and not to develop our own test marks. Behind the external labels that distinguish our products are strict, transparent guidelines with maximum credibility and significance, as our processes and goals are regularly reviewed.

Environmental Goals with DIN EN ISO 14001.

As early as 1989, with the launch of the Star range, Koch-Chemie took a pioneering role in sustainability and launched products on the market in accordance with DIN standard 14001. Since then, environmental goals and the well-being of this very nature have been firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy and our entire environmental management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.