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A Brush For Every Use.

An Overview of Our New Brush Portfolio

We see ourselves as a system provider. This means that we not only offer chemicals in KCX quality, but also the matching high-quality accessories to guarantee the best cleaning result from A to Z. In the last time our brush portfolio has grown by some new brushes. We would like to introduce you to our new additions.

One set, three stars for the interior

With our Interior Brush Set we have combined three practical brushes in one set, which cope very well with both coarse soiling and fine work. The practical color coding makes working with the Interior Brush Set particularly easy.

The red brush is designed for particularly coarse work. This can be used to clean sill trims, foot pedals or similar without any problems. Together with our Green Star or multi-purpose cleaner, nothing stands in the way of a convincing result.

Hard-to-reach places, such as the ventilation grilles, are the working area of our yellow brush. Its particularly fine and long bristles ensure a very thorough as well as gentle cleaning. Our Green Star or multi-purpose cleaner is the ideal complement here.

When it comes to sensitive materials such as touch displays or piano lacquers, the green brush with its very fine bristles is a good choice. It cleans the surface very thoroughly without scratching it. For this application, our Allround Surface Cleaner together with the green brush is a must-have.

Sensitive material, gentle care

They look beautiful, but also require particularly gentle cleaning: We're talking about leather seats. In order not to scratch them during cleaning and still achieve a good cleaning performance, our Leather Brush is the right choice. Thanks to its horsehair bristles, the ergonomically shaped leather brush ensures particularly gentle as well as effective cleaning. In teamwork with our Pol Star and the Foamer Bottle, leather cleaning becomes child's play. The Foamer Bottle ensures that the cleaning agent can be applied as a dry, voluminous foam. Finally, treat with Leather Star - and you're done!

Clean upholstery, good feeling

When there is stubborn dirt on the upholstery, it is not always easy to clean properly. But with this power team, that's no problem. The ergonomically shaped Upholstery Brush cleans hard-wearing textile surfaces effectively and thoroughly. Together with our effective textile cleaner Pol Star, even stubborn dirt will be a thing of the past in no time.

An eye for detail, even when cleaning rims

Thorough rim cleaning right into small crevices is no problem with our new Detail Wheel Brush thanks to its rounded bristle head and compact bristles.

Small brush, great cleaning performance

Depending on the rim model, some areas are difficult to reach. To make the whole rim look like new again, our Wheelbrush small is also very suitable for hard-to-reach areas of the rim due to its practical size and handy shape. Together with one of our powerful rim cleaners, such as the Magic Wheel Cleaner, the Wheelbrush small leaves rim dirt no chance.

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