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Clay is not the same as clay.

An overview of our clay products

A clay product is a great way to remove stubborn dirt such as tree resin, insects, rust film or brake dust from the paint surface and prepare it for subsequent sealing, for example.

Our range now includes several different clay products, which are suitable for different areas due to their different applications and therefore have their own advantages.

Shape them the way you need them

Our red or blue cleaning clay is the classic clay product. A piece of clay that you can shape as you need it. For example, we recommend that you shape the clay to the size of the palm of your hand to clean the paint surface perfectly. The cleaning clay can be reused after use until it is completely saturated with dirt particles. Use our clay spray as a lubricant.

Efficient clay cleaning

When one vehicle after another has to be prepared for sealing or polishing in vehicle preparation, efficiency is key. Our clay pad, which can be used with both dual action and eccentric polishing machines, is the ideal claying product. It really saves time and makes it particularly easy to clean even large paint surfaces. Thanks to its Velcro side, the practical pad can be used with all standard polishing machines. 

Handy, practical, clay scrubber

Our latest product from our clay product range is our Clay Scrubber, a patented product from The Rag Company, which we were allowed to co-brand in our design. The practical clay sponge sits very comfortably in the hand and distributes the pressure evenly over the surface. What makes the Clay Scrubber special: The clay sponge can be used wet on the shampooed paint surface. For dry application, we recommend the clay spray to achieve optimum gliding.

The foundation for every clay product

A clay product cannot work without the right lubricant. This is why our clay spray is the basic requirement for using any of our clay products. The mild, low-residue lubricant minimizes any scratching of the surface during the cleaning process. Best of all, unlike many common lubricants, our clay spray leaves no smear film. 

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