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The Skin-Win-Solution.

The New Gentle Hand Series

Workers in trade and industry are at risk from sometimes extreme contamination and harmful substances. Targeted protection is needed here. Skin diseases are at the top of the list of occupational diseases. The causes are often inadequate skin protection, contact with skin-irritating or harmful substances, and cleaning with aggressive cleaning products.

An optimal system means: skin protection before work, skin cleansing after work and regenerating care after cleansing. With our new Gentle Hand Series, we offer effective and skin-compatible products for all three areas, as well as the appropriate universal dispenser system. The new product range replaces our existing skin cleansing and care products as well as dispenser systems.

Modern and Ideally Coordinated Protection System

The Gentle Hand Series consists of four cleansing or care products that protect, cleanse and care for the hands in accordance with the skin protection plan. In combination with the practical dispenser, the soft bottles of the Gentle Hand Series can be dispensed hygienically and sparingly. The dispenser has been developed in such a way that it can be used universally for all products in the Gentle Hand Series. In this way, the protection system can be integrated into any workshop in a modern way.

You can download our skin protection plan to hang up in the workshop here.

Gentle Hand Protect

To protect the skin from work, Gentle Hand Protect comes into play. The long-lasting, non-greasy skin protection lotion protects against aqueous and non-aqueous working substances and facilitates subsequent skin cleansing. Gentle Hand Protect is dermatologically tested as well as pH skin neutral and reduces overall skin stress.

Gentle Hand Scrub

When things get really busy at work, stubborn dirt can sometimes get on the hands that is not so easy to remove. Gentle Hand Scrub is the premium hand cleaning paste that effortlessly removes even the toughest dirt, such as oil, grease or tar. Best of all, Gentle Hand Scrub is pH neutral and dermatologically tested.

Gentle Hand Wash

For quick, skin-friendly cleaning of light soiling, our Gentle Hand Wash liquid soap is the ideal choice. The environmentally friendly liquid soap is made from high-quality raw materials, 98% of which are of plant origin.

Gentle Hand Care

After the wash comes the care. This is true not only for vehicle cleaning, but also for hands. The new Gentle Hand Care is our lightly greasy, easily spreadable skin care lotion for the regeneration of damaged skin areas and thus the perfect finish for your hand care.