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Poor Car Detailing Can Become a Crime Scene.

The Scene

When insects hit your car, the acid can burn into your paint when exposed to sunlight. And that's no longer easy to cover up.

Insects carry acidic bodily fluids that attack your paint on contact. Especially in the heat and sunlight, this chemical reaction happens faster than you think.

In no time at all, you'll have stains that you can hardly get rid of. Pollen, on the other hand, is not a problem for your paint, since it does not have an aggressive pH value compared to insects. It only becomes problematic if you want to remove them with a dry cloth on dry paint – scratches are virtually pre-programmed. Insect residues (organic and acidic) are mainly removed by alkalinity.

From our ProductSystem, these three products are particularly suitable for cleaning the crime scene in spring.

PreWash B: The choice for car wash

With its pH value of 13.9, PreWash B is strongly alkaline and thus very well suited for rapid insect removal. Depending on the concentration, the all-rounder is better set for pre-cleaning or perfect as an insect remover (higher dosage).

Green Star: The choice for detailing

As an alkaline all-purpose cleaner, Green Star is more compatible with materials than PreWash B and can be used not only on the outside but also on the inside. This makes it a good choice for detailers. The concentrate can be easily mixed in the dilution that is needed. For insect removal, a dilution of 1:5 is a good choice.

Insect&DirtRemover: The name says it all

Our Insect&DirtRemover is a "ready-to-use" product that is characterized by its strong insect-removing power. With a pH value of 10, it is still alkaline, but milder than the PreWash B car wash product. This ensures greater material compatibility. The surfactants it contains are precisely tailored to insect removal, but the product is also generally very suitable for pre-cleaning. The spray is part of our private customer range in the 750ml bottle. In the 10l container, however, Insect&DirtRemover is also used for targeted insect removal in car washes or in vehicle preparation. Especially in the cleaning of motorcycles or in car dealerships Insect&DirtRemover can be found in use.

None of these products should be used on a hot surface or in direct sunlight. The product must always be rinsed thoroughly to remove all chemical residue. Care should be taken with unpainted and/or anodized aluminum parts: Here, pay particular attention to the dosing instructions and exposure times, otherwise chemical burns may occur.

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