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KCX Values.

Our Values as a Foundation

In recent years, we have further developed and strengthened Koch-Chemie's corporate culture. Our vision and mission run like a red thread through all our activities and provide us with orientation. To sharpen the foundation for our self-image as a company and individuals within the organization, we have now formulated six KCX values.

What are values?

Values hold our society together. They have a direct impact on our daily interaction and form a framework that provides orientation even in our fast-moving times and an increasingly complex global environment. They are firmly anchored in our corporate culture and provide clarity and commitment in our day-to-day work. In this way, all Koch-Chemie employees pull together.

How did the KCX values develop?

We have not chosen our values arbitrarily. Already in 2019, all employees collected in a survey what distinguishes Koch-Chemie, how we identify ourselves and what we should work on. The insights gained shape our values – not necessarily as the status quo, but also as motivation and resolution for the future.

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