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Koch-Chemie Remains Capable of Acting.

Activities Adapted to COVID-19 Crisis

For several weeks now, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not only had a firm grip on reporting, but also on daily events. The organisation of the Koch-Chemie is of course also affected by this crisis. External decisions and conditions have an influence on our corporate activities, but internal decisions are also restructuring the company’s daily business due to developments.

As a company, however, we want to remain active and help to contain COVID-19. Therefore Koch-Chemie, located in Unna, Germany, took measures several weeks ago to protect its own employees and fellow citizens. These measures are aimed at reducing social contacts in a professional context as well, while still remaining capable of acting as a company. Many employees are currently in their home office, the shift system has been adjusted to prevent the individual shifts from meeting each other and to convert the visiting and meeting culture to digital alternatives. Through these measures we are and remain active. We produce, sell and ship as long as the supply chains function and freedom of movement for commercial activities remains. We will continue to adapt in line with developments in the coming weeks. It is not planned to discontinue operations.

Our goal before times of crisis as well as now is to take care of our customers throughout the organisation, whether they are in Germany or abroad. Our functions will therefore all continue to work, adapted to current and future conditions. In addition to ongoing production and shipping, we continue to research and develop and also work on marketing and communication concepts. We are and will always be ready to continue normal business operations and offer innovations to the market as soon as the situation improves significantly.

In this way we will continue to fulfil customer wishes, especially those caused by the COVID-19 crisis, according to the circumstances and possibilities. From next week (CW 13) we will therefore produce a disinfectant for commercial use based on the WHO formula with the agreement of the state government. Koch-Chemie Disinfection will be sold by the end of next week (CW 13). To improve transparency, we will communicate existing products from our Koch-Chemie portfolio that have a disinfectant effect or that can contribute to overall hygiene.

We will provide information on further measures and developments as required.

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