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Pink and Blue Turn Purple.

Reconditioning and Refinement Combined in One Product

In our PolishSystem, the Lack-Polish products virtually form a category of their own: with relatively little cut and a high gloss level, the polishes are the right choice for preparing the paintwork of new and used cars. Until now, our customers have been able to choose between Lack-Polish grün, blau and rosa. Now we have rethought this range: grün has been improved; blau and rosa have become an improved violett. 

Out-of-two-makes-one polish: Lack-Polish violett

Previously, our Lack-Polish blau provided the optimal preparation for new to moderately weathered paint surfaces, and Lack-Polish rosa provided a simple preparation for lightly weathered paint surfaces. Now Lack-Polish violett combines the product properties of both old formulations in one polish. All this without having to forfeit any function. Thus, the new Lack-Polish violett cares for and refines lightly to moderately weathered paintwork. The abrasive gloss polish produces an optimum, streak-free high-gloss finish both mechanically and manually. Due to the homogeneous formulation, polish, unlike its predecessors, does not separate, so that the quality remains the same with every application.

The differentiation in pad and polisher allows the optimal result to be achieved depending on the condition of the paint. For effective removal of scratches, we recommend the use of the Fine Cut Pad. The optimum cut is achieved by using a rotary polishing machine at medium speed. For light weathering, the Polish & Sealing Pad creates a high-gloss surface. The best possible finish is achieved here by using an eccentric polishing machine. In addition, the polish can also be applied manually using a soft sponge.

The Lack-Polish violett is now available.