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Less cleans more, more, more.

More rim washes with lower dosage

In car washes with many customers per day, even small product savings are worth a lot. But even at lower dosages, the cleaning performance must remain just as high. This is a development achievement that we have reached for the pre-spray arch of express car washes as a rim cleaner with the new Lasting Wheel Express.

Great cleaning performance, lower dosage

With our new Lasting Wheel Express rim cleaner, we are launching an economical, highly alkaline rim cleaner designed for use in express car washes with recirculating soak sheets. Thanks to its high alkalinity, combined with good dirt carriers and corrosion protection, Lasting Wheel Express ensures extremely good and mild cleaning of steel parts, such as brake discs.

In addition to cleaning the rims, Lasting Wheel Express has a pH-stabilizing effect for the water supply of the soaking sheet, in order to prevent microbiological contamination here and the rotten smell that often occurs as a result. The pH-stabilizing effect also ensures that less product has to be used, so that chemicals can be saved. A plus for the wallet and the environment.

The Lasting Wheel Express cycle

To understand why Lasting Wheel Express is an economical cleaning product, you first need to understand the cycle diagram. Our cycle begins with the Lasting Wheel Express, which has already been sprayed on once through the pre-spray arc and used for cleaning. This amount is dirty and diluted with water by the time it reaches the next tank. The coarse dirt settles here at the bottom of the tank and only the water is pumped into the next tank. Here, either automatically via a measuring system or manually, the pH value of the water is measured. If there is too much deviation, the Lasting Wheel Express is pumped in from the chemical tank to regulate the pH level. The now pH-regulated water can be pumped from this water reservoir back into the pre-spray arch in order to be used.