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Make a Scented Impression.

The New Fragrances

A special fragrance experience emotionalizes the car wash enormously. That is why special fragrance variants such as our Active Foam X-Mas or Active Foam Spring have been so successful for years for season-specific car washing. For variety in the fragrance palette, our Super Foam is now available in another fragrance. Super Foam Fruit Bowl smells fruity like kiwi and apple. The well-tried Super Foam with its tropical scent remains in the range, of course.

Super Foam, in all its fragrances, is the perfect cleaning foam for self-service areas. The extremely foamy, alkaline active foam creates an incomparable foaming experience on the vehicle and aromatizes the wash station with its scent for a long time. In this way, several senses are directly addressed in the car wash customers and the car wash experience is doubly emotionalized. Its alkaline pH value and highly effective active ingredients dissolve dirt and ensure a high-quality cleaning performance. The foam encapsulates the dirt and can easily be rinsed off so that the vehicle is cleaned by high pressure washing which is gentle on the paintwork.

The family of fragrance concentrates has also grown. "Cotton Blossom" and "Tropical" are two new scents in the range. Our fragrances are designed for scenting car washes, but can also be used for individual scenting of water-miscible cleaning products.