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Koch-Chemie (USA) LLC Launch Event

Koch-Chemie has certainly arrived in the USA. More and more customers are trying out our US product portfolio and our warehouse in Alpharetta, Georgia did not remain fully stocked for long. In November, select customers and potential partners were invited to an exclusive launch event during which Andrew Werkheiser, CEO Koch-Chemie (USA) LLC introduced our brand and products.

All of those industry leading attendees gathered on November 17th at the Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, Georgia. Even though no representative of our headquarter in Unna, Germany was able to fly over for this event due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we still participated through a livestream from our Competence Center. Sven Bauer, International Sales Manager presented our currently available product line for the USA and covered technical details for each.

Besides a lot of theoretical input all participants got the chance to try out our products during hands-on sessions. Our American team had set up a product specific detailing studio and wash area at the Motorsports Park. The hands-on sessions were an excellent opportunity to let our special guests experience our brand and our product. Andrew Werkheiser explains: “They were intended to show that we, as an organization, have nothing to hide and are proud of our product performance and formulas that we work hard to create. It is important to know that we make our own product and have the ability to get real and effective feedback from professionals, which helps us to never stop perfecting.”

One of the highlights from the event was being able to provide insight on our plans for the US market. This was met with much approval and anticipation and allowed for many open conversations to take place during the event. “We value what our customers and partners have to say, and to get that input so early on in our journey will prove to be a crucial cornerstone for our mission”, emphasizes Andrew.

Attendees really appreciated the informative yet relaxed environment where they were truly able to test and enjoy so many of our products. Andrew is excited for the future: “We have gained new partners and have shown that we are ready to take on a market. This event solidified our purpose and permanence.”

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