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Awarding Starts This Week

In the recent years, Koch-Chemie has grown intensively on the international market. An International Sales Team is managing our worldwide Distribution Partners who are selling our products and services in their respective regions. This expansion has led to an evolution in our sales strategy to guarantee a long-term success of our Distribution Partners.

The goal is to establish or further develop the Partner's sales structure along the lines of the successful structure in the home market of Germany. This will be adapted to the market conditions in the sales region. This principle allows us to define levels which Partners can reach. A Partner who adapted our KCX Sales Structure becomes a Powered by KCX Partner.

A PbyKCX Partner is characterized by:

  • Area-wide, reliable supply of all customer groups in the sales area with Koch-Chemie products & service
  • Koch-Chemie as the exclusive partner in the sales area
  • High service level through
    • On-site customer support by exclusive KCX Sales Team
    • Product and application training for all customer groups, from all market segments, by exclusive KCX Application Engineers
    • Training Center equipped according to KCX standards
  • Close contact between Koch-Chemie & PbyKCX Partner to coordinate sales strategies
  • On- and offline marketing activities in compliance with Koch-Chemie Corporate Design, with own professional and target group-oriented content
  • Representation of Koch-Chemie at local trade fairs

This week members of our Sales Team start awarding the first distributor as our PbyKCX Partner. They will successively travel from country to country to hand out the official certificate personally and celebrate this milestone together.

You can find our PbyKCX Partners highlighted on the Distributors’ page. 

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