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The Name Says It All.

Powerful Dry & Care: New Residue-Free Dryer

Achieving the best possible drying result is the final step in a thorough vehicle wash. Thanks to our silicone-free high-tech preservation dryer Powerful Dry & Care, a microbead-free drying result is no longer a problem, even with high water hardness.

Super drying results with very good residue-free spray arches

Our new high-tech preservation dryer Powerful Dry & Care leaves a hydrophobic surface during application, which means that the water is quickly displaced from the car surface by the blower. These provide a very good drip drive and thus a microbead-free drying result. Thanks to our special formula as well as the right combination of care components and surfactants, a film formation of the care substances as well as residues caused by external factors such as lime and other salts in the lines and car washes are prevented. Due to its hardness stability, Powerful Dry & Care achieves optimal results even with high conductivity values of the water and with difficult blower geometries.

Suitable for every situation

Whether it's a gantry car wash, car wash, self-service facility or other, the Powerful Dry & Care is at home anywhere. The dryer contains no petroleum hydrocarbons, making it ideal for biological process water treatment systems.

The Powerful Dry & Care is injected pure into the fresh water of the dryer sheet by means of a dosing pump. We recommend a consumption quantity of 13 - 20 ml Powerful Dry & Care per vehicle.

Further information can be found on the product detail page.