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Shine, Shine, Shine!

ProtectorWax for Premium Carwash

A preservative wax is a great way to protect your vehicle. Koch-Chemie's ProtectorWax offers several additional benefits besides the usual functionalities, such as hydrophobicity, that make our ProtectorWax the premium product that it is.

Our ProtectorWax promises not only high-quality drying, but also long-term preservation and maintenance. For this reason, ProtectorWax is particularly well suited for use in car washes as a wax in the premium wash program. With its immediately visible and, above all, long-lasting results, ProtectorWax offers convincing sales arguments for the highest-quality wash. The perceptible product benefits increase customer satisfaction as well as loyalty and thus boost wash numbers.

This makes our ProtectorWax a customer magnet:

  1. High-gloss effect that makes the car shine
  2. Long-term hydrophobic effect (beading effect), which guarantees good visibility in rainy conditions even without wiping
  3. Easy to clean performance
  4. Intensive protection, which protects convertible roofs from UV radiation, salt and other environmental influences
  5. Rubber and plastic parts are impregnated with regular use, which prevents fading.
  6. ProtectorWax, when used regularly, contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the vehicle due to its many functionalities.

ProtectorWax explained

Untreated paint does not have a smooth surface. This results in diffuse light reflections. The paint does not shine, water rolls off poorly and there is no protection against environmental influences.

Paint treated with ProtectorWax forms an extremely smooth and glossy protective layer due to special high-gloss additives. Fine scratches and matting are covered with regular application. Water simply beads off all surfaces, minimizing the need for windshield wipers. The paint is protected from aggressive influences such as UV radiation, salt and other environmental contaminants. ProtectorWax maintains and impregnates all rubber and plastic parts as well as convertible roof materials when used regularly, thus preventing fading and embrittlement. ProtectorWax thus makes a significant contribution to maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Also an experience for vehicle preparation

ProtectorWax is also perfect for use as a dryer in manual vehicle washing. Approx. 30ml of ProtectorWax to 1l of water is sufficient to apply a nice layer of foam using a foam sprayer or pump sprayer. It is sprayed onto the still wet vehicle. While ProtectorWax is working, the reaction of the product with the surface can even be heard: It crackles. Afterwards, rinse the product thoroughly using a high-pressure cleaner to avoid stains. By the way, ProtectorWax with its intense cherry scent is also an experience for the nose.