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Simply Improved.

Lack-Polish grün With Improved Formulation

A classic in our Polish System: Lack-Polish grün is indispensable as an all-rounder for car dealerships or as an optional third polishing step. Rethinking it, however, is. With a new formula, we have improved P1.01 in many respects.

Better times three

Our new Lack-Polish grün formula already shows on the label that it is better. This Koch-Chemie polish now also comes without hazard pictograms, so it is no longer a hazardous material.

The nose clearly perceives the next improvement. While our old formulation had a slightly pungent odor, the new Lack-Polish grün is much more odorless.

The new formulation also ensures that the polish is more homogeneous and no longer separates. This makes for easier processing and consistently high quality.

A star in the car showroom

Lack-Polish grün has only a low degree of abrasion, but a high degree of gloss. The polish thus removes light scratches and holograms and leaves a high-gloss surface. The best result is achieved with the matching green Polish & Sealing Pad from our Polish System. With these properties, the Lack-Polish grün is an optimal choice for car dealerships. There, the polish ensures that new vehicles on display look their best.

All information on product application on the product detail page.

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