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The Beauty of Foam.

Gentle Snow Foam versus Tough Dirt

It is yellow and cherry scent – our new Gentle Snow Foam (Gsf). Pre-washing with Gsf is another essential step in giving your car a detailed finish.

The gentlest of cleans

The benefits of pre-washing your car with foam have long been indisputed, and this simple step is vital in maintaining a well-kept paint job. Foam helps remove loose dirt from your vehicle’s body and wheel cases prior to hand washing. Without this critical step, dirt particles will just end up in your sponge or microfibre glove, increasing the risk of scratches even with two buckets. What’s more, pre-washing your car with foam makes the subsequent hand wash much easier.

But that’s not all. Gsf has yet another significant advantage: In contrast to some of the strong alkaline pre-washes currently on the market, Gsf does not erode your car’s protective wax layer. While the alkaline used in these products is effective in getting rid of dirt quickly, it unfortunately also removes your wax right along with it.

Because Gsf is pH neutral, it provides the perfect solution to this problem — enabling owners who take great pride in their cars to wash them as often as they like without causing unexpected damage. Gsf makes it possible to gently remove dirt, while leaving your car’s waxed or sealed surfaces unharmed.

An eco-friendly foam with a wonderful scent

The ingredients that make up Gentle Snow Foam are just as impressive as the results they produce. Gsf is free of environmentally harmful ingredients like the complexing agent ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA), which is thought to endanger water supplies by binding heavy metals in the water. Another great feature of Gsf is that it works just as well as a car shampoo. Simply mix the cleaner with water in a certain ratio to use it as a shampoo (50 ml per 10 l of water) or a foam pre-wash (20 ml per litre of water in a hand foamer, increase the amount of snow foam in a foam gun accordingly). Getting just the right amount for the job is easy too, since Gsf’s middle-range viscosity makes it easy to precisely balance measurements.

When applied with a foam sprayer or gun, Gsf covers your car with a thick uniform layer of foam. The foam’s consistency makes it able to stick to your car longer without rupturing prematurely. While we may have purposely avoided colouring our foam with dyes that are problematic for light surfaces, we did not skip out on scent: Gsf will envelop you in the rich and sultry aroma of dark cherry.

Cleaning foam vs. protection shampoo

The Gentle Snow Foam has been developed as a strongly foaming, pH-neutral cleaning foam. Thus the foam does not attack sealed surfaces. Our NanoMagicShampoo goes beyond this mild cleaning power. The nano conserving shampoo is characterized by the unique combination of innovative cleaning and sealing components. These form a long-lasting dirt and water repellent nanolayer (lotus effect). The treated surfaces are protected from aggressive environmental influences. After rinsing, the water film ruptures immediately and thus supports the fast drying of the vehicle.

We also show the application and the difference between the two cleaners in the video below.

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