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The Gloss Booster.

The Fastest Way to a Perfect Finish

This bottle combines brilliant radiance, colour deepening and hydrophobicity for spraying. In just one step, our efficient Spray Sealant achieves a fast, high-gloss and velvety finish. This makes it a gloss booster.

Spray it on, polish it out, marvel at the gloss

Spray Sealant can be sprayed directly onto the dry paint surface and is polished out with a clean microfibre cloth after a short evaporation time. The product properties are effective immediately after polishing out: The sealing components create a perfect water beading effect, the paint is characterized by a clearly visible colour deepening effect and the surface is highly glossy. Not much product is required for a high quality gloss result, which makes our Spray Sealant very economical. To maintain the finish as long as possible, a gentle car wash, ideally hand wash, is recommended.

Recommendation for use

  1. Spray one to two sprays onto cleaned and dry paint surface. Do this component by component and divide large surfaces such as the bonnet and roof.
  2. After a brief evaporation time, polish off all residues with a clean Profi microfibre cloth. Do not allow to dry. The treated vehicle must not be washed with chemicals on the same day.

Please note the detailed product information and application recommendations.

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