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Winterized by Experts.

Safely through the winter with Koch-Chemie

As soon as it gets colder outside and the winter months begin, it becomes even more difficult to keep the vehicle properly clean and to protect it from the increasing environmental stresses. Road salt, slush and sub-zero temperatures put a lot of strain on many vehicle parts, so special protection is needed here.

Together with the right Koch-Chemie products, nothing stands in the way of a safe winter. 

Wash more often, but do it right

As soon as temperatures drop and road salt is used, the vehicle needs more frequent or intensive care to keep the paint looking good. That's where a highly concentrated pre-cleaner like our PreWash Express comes in handy. Thanks to its combination of high-quality complexing agents and special surfactants, even stubborn dirt is dissolved extremely quickly. This makes our precleaner the ideal product for the express wash.

Not an easy time for tires and rims

Road salt, snow or similar dirt can quickly cause tires and rims to become very dirty in winter. To ensure that they retain their beautiful appearance, the right care is essential here. For vehicle preparation, our Magic Wheel Cleaner and Alkali Wheel Cleaner are an effective and gentle solution. As an acid-free wheel cleaner, Magic Wheel Cleaner is also the perfect product for sensitive, e.g. chrome-plated wheels. The alkaline setting of the Alkali Wheel Cleaner makes it behave in a similar way to an acidic rim cleaner, but it cleans with little irritation. Due to its high alkalinity and very good performance, PreWash wheel express is the right choice for car washes in order to convince customers with good cleaning results even with short exposure times.

Properly protected, better washed

With the right preparation, any vehicle can survive the winter. That's where a premium preservative wax is an attractive way to protect the paint from increasing exposure to environmental contaminants. Koch-Chemie's ProtectorWax shines with its extreme deep gloss, long-term hydrophobicity and easy-to-clean performance. Together with its pleasant, fruity scent, our ProtectorWax is a real selling point for premium washing, especially in the winter season.

Rubber mats also need care

Some drivers switch from textile floor mats to rubber mats during the winter season because they are easier to clean and do not absorb dirt as much. But if they are not properly cared for, rubber mats can also quickly look worn. Our Green Star universal cleaner frees the mats from road salt and other dirt in no time at all. To restore the mats to their like-new look, Gummifix plastic interior care is a good choice. As this is slip-resistant, it can also be used on floor mats without hesitation.

Frozen doors? Not with us!

A premium exterior plastic care product like our Plast Star siliconölfrei is not only great for preserving exterior plastic parts for months and giving them a like-new appearance again. The care product also prevents door seals from freezing. Simply apply a thin layer with a sponge, let it dry and you're done. This is also an interesting additional service for a vehicle preparation in winter. 

Cold protection for plastic parts

Particularly low temperatures are a high stress for plastic parts on the vehicle exterior, as this can lead to the plastic parts becoming brittle. To prevent this from happening, premium exterior plastic care is an effective solution. Our Plast Star maintains as well as preserves for months and gives the treated parts a like-new appearance again - accordingly also an attractive additional service for a vehicle preparation in winter.

Less scratching, more visibility

Wintertime is the optimal time to recommend a glass sealing, like our Nano-Glasversiegelung, to your customers. The sealant acts like a protective layer on the glass, making it easier and faster to remove ice. When it comes to cleaning the glass, our Glass Cleaner is the right product.

Brings light into the dark

Over time, it happens that the plastic of older headlights turns yellow, which can severely limit the steel power. In the darker months, this can pose a risk. With our Headlight Polish Set, which is specifically designed to recondition yellowed headlights, you'll have good visibility again in no time. This not only allows the driver to see more, but also makes it easier for other road users to see the vehicle.