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Help for product application

Scope of application

All of our products that are silicone oil-free are explicitly labeled as such and are therefore also bodyshop-safe. This means that the words "silicone oil-free" can be found on the product label or in the product information of the corresponding products, e.g. in the case of the product Plast Star silicone oil-free.

Our products can be used on many different vehicles or similar automotive applications. If you are unsure if a particular product is for your desired application, check the specific product page on our website. If there is no indication there, then we have not explicitly tested the product in any application area other than automotive and therefore cannot make a recommendation.

If you have had your vehicle coated with our Ceramic Allround C0.02 ceramic sealant, we provide detailed instructions on the product detail page for care after sealing. Likewise, the detailer where you had your vehicle coated can help you with regular maintenance intervals to maintain the longevity of the sealant.

When washing vehicles with matte paint or foil, there are some differences to regular vehicle washing that need to be taken into account. To make product selection and washing as easy as possible for you, we've created a blog post that addresses the topic.


Chemical products are not required to display a best before date, so we are generally unable to make any statements regarding shelf life.  If a product is discolored or flakes out, it may be that the product no longer cleans or cares 100%. This is often the case when products have been contaminated or exposed to strong temperature fluctuations. Therefore, please also pay attention to the warnings on our products, such as "Protect from forest and excessive heat." For products from our skin protection line, the legally required best-before date is printed on the bottle.

We have a few different rim cleaners in our range that have different properties. For a better overview it is recommended to use the filter "rim cleaner" on our website under "Products". The product pages of the respective rim cleaners give an overview of the characteristics of the products.

Our pre-cleaners differ, among other things, in their pH values and areas of application. For an exact comparison, it is advisable to take a closer look at the product pages of the individual precleaners and compare them. To do this, you can select the "Pretreatment" filter under "Products" on our website.

Our silicone oil-free products, as well as the Plast Star silicone oil-free, are suitable for bodyshops.

Unlike Eulex, Eulex M is also suitable for use on matte vehicles. 

The products themselves do not differ in their composition or cleaning performance. Only the container size in our private customer line is adapted to the needs of private users.


Koch-Chemie does not conduct any animal testing. We test our products exclusively in the respective application environment, such as on car paint, windshields, plastic surfaces, etc. Our chemistry is classified for safety-relevant data by an external service provider. This analyzes the formulations and provides the data on the basis of the ingredients and concentrations. The risk assessment is based on known information; animal testing is not performed.

We do not have our products certified to this standard and accordingly do not have a listing for it.

The so-called nitrilotriacetic acid or NTA for short is a complexing agent used in cleaning chemicals. NTA is suspected of being carcinogenic at the appropriate concentration. The critical limit for labeling a formulation as potentially carcinogenic is 5%. Products with "NTA-free" in the name have contained NTA in old formulation and have been reformulated after NTA was reclassified as potentially carcinogenic.