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Golden Star

Engine cleaner, contains solvents

Highly viscous, solvent-containing, emulsifying cold cleaner with perfect adhesive strength for quick removal of waxes, oil, environmental dirt and very heavy ingrained dirt on engines, chassis, agricultural machinery, machinery, etc. Special ingredients protect the treated parts temporarily against corrosion.

Information on which containers of the product are consumer compliant is available upon request. This product may not be available in every region.

Golden Star


  • 5 LArticle No. 341005
  • 10 LArticle No. 341010
  • 20 LArticle No. 341020


Engines, chassis, agricultural machinery, machinery, etc.
Apply over the whole surface undiluted, allow to react for a short time and rinse off thoroughly with a high-pressure appliance.
Before using, check suitability and compatibility.;Prevent leaks into surface or groundwater and the ground. Do not empty into drains.;