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Clean Cars, Not Pipes.

The new premium protection wax Shield & Gloss Wax

Anyone who knows our ProtectorWax knows what the premium protection wax is capable of. With the new professional product Shield & Gloss Wax, we have now made our premium protection wax even better.

Convincing arguments for your car wash customers

The unique composition of the care components ensures an extremely deep shine, long-term hydrophobicity, i.e. a beading effect on paintwork, glass and plastic, and a velvety soft feel. When it rains, the hydrophobic effect ensures good visibility by quickly dripping onto glass surfaces. The protective effect of the premium protection wax prevents fading and embrittlement of plastic parts and impregnates convertible roofs and covers small scratches on the paint. Regular use thus contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the vehicle.

Fewer deposits in the pipes

Protection waxes contain various maintenance components that provide the desired product properties. However, these components are also deposited in the line systems of the plants during application. For optimal operation of the system, the lines must therefore be cleaned regularly - an enormous expenditure of time and resources. With our new Shield & Gloss Wax, Koch-Chemie has succeeded in increasing the maintenance effect compared to previous protection waxes, while at the same time reducing deposits. Accordingly, the unique raw material composition enables the best possible preservation result with little cleaning effort.

Extremely economical product use

Shield & Gloss Wax is formulated in a highly concentrated formulation. This allows reduced product use - with improved care effect. The new protection wax is thus a very efficient product for the premium wash program.

The fruity cherry fragrance perfectly rounds off the washing experience of the new professional product and will definitely be remembered by washing customers.

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