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Prewash, but efficient.

A product for the big ones

When particularly large surfaces are to be cleaned, as in the case of commercial vehicle washing, one aspect in particular plays a major role in the wash chemistry: efficiency. To ensure that the price-performance ratio remains right despite the high consumption of large vehicles, our new, concentrated, foaming precleaner PreFoam efficient ensures convincing results despite low wash chemical use. With a maximum application concentration of 1:100 and a maximum contact time of one minute, the precleaner is thorough in cleaning and fast at the same time.

The foamy prewash with a pleasant scent.

It is not only the good efficiency that makes our PreFoam efficient a convincing precleaner. Thanks to its composition of complexing agents and surfactants, even stubborn deposits such as insect or environmental soiling are easily removed. The economical pre-cleaner is rounded off by the pleasant, fresh citrus scent. The foam and fragrance experience also makes PreFoam efficient a good choice for prewashing at self-service locations.

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