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Dry, Dryer, Hyper Dryer.

Forget micro-beads

With the Hyper Dryer, we have developed the superlative of the conserving dryer for gantry car washes, car washes and self-service systems. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, Hyper Dryer generates a rapid rupture of the water film and thus a unique drip-dryer. The result is an extremely micro-beadfree drying result – even with high conductance of the process water and difficult fan geometries.

As a preservative Hyper Dryer convinces by its durability. Highly specialized ingredients bond firmly with the surfaces and create a hydrophobic, nanoscale protective layer against environmental influences. Also on glass surfaces this hydrophobicity leads to improved visibility in the rain without smearing. Thanks to the long-lasting, colour-refreshing care and preservation of paints, plastics and convertible roof materials, this innovation can also be used as a hot or cold wax.

Hyper Dryer is optimally suited for biological service water treatment plants, contains no mineral oil hydrocarbons and is VDA-compliant Class A.

Recommendations for use

Apply pure using a dosing pump with a ratio up to 1:3.

Recommended amount per car: dryer: 10-15ml; hot wax: 12-20ml.

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