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Headlight Polish Set

Our new Headlight Polish Set gives yellowed, matt headlights a clear view again. With our perfectly coordinated polishes and pads, an optimal surface is created in just two steps.

The innovative machine polish Headlight Polish 1 effectively removes scratches and sanding scratches from P1000 grit, so that weathered acrylic glass headlights can be quickly refurbished. Headlight Polish 2 subsequently produces a high-gloss surface on the pre-treated headlights. The included Carnauba waxes seal the headlight at the same time. This is an economical approach, as it eliminates the need for additional application of a sealing component. Processing with the Thermo Pad allows good control over the temperature development of the material, as the colour change of the pad serves as an indicator due to its thermochromic properties.

A total of 50 headlights can be treated with the Headlight Polish Set.

Thermochromism cleverly used

PMMA headlamps are made of transparent thermoplastic material, which is temperature sensitive. During grinding and polishing, the temperature of the headlight surface must therefore not exceed 40°C – 45°C. Processing the headlamps with the Thermo Pad allows good control of the temperature development. Due to the thermochromic properties of the colour pigments in the pad, the pad changes colour from orange to yellow from a temperature of 45°C. This process is reversible, i.e. the pad returns to its original colour as soon as the temperature drops again.

Recommendation for use

  1. Clean the headlight before starting and then mask the edges of the bonnet, fenders, radiator grille and bumper.
  2. Depending on weathering, treat the headlight surface with abrasive paper using a hand block or eccentric polishing machine.
    In the case of heavily yellowed headlamps, the 1,000 grit abrasive paper (coarse grain) should be used first. Then repeat this step with the 2,000 (medium grit) and 4,000 (low grit) abrasive paper until an evenly sanded surface is obtained.
    If the headlights are only slightly matt, the sanding can be skipped.
  3. Remove the sanding traces with Headlight Polish 1 and the Heavy Cut Pad or the lambswool pad. We recommend using a rotary polishing machine and applying the polish at medium speed and medium pressure in a crosswise motion.
  4. Polish the surface to a high gloss with the Headlight Polish 2 and the Thermo Pad. We recommend using a rotary polishing machine and applying the high gloss polish at medium speed and medium pressure in a crosswise motion.

Headlight Polish Set Art. No. 9998185 includes

406250   250 ml Headlight Polish 1

407250   250 ml Headlight Polish 2

999577   Heavy Cut Pad 76 x 23 mm

999274   Lambswool Pad 80 mm

999602   Thermo Pad 76 x 23 mm

999603   Abralon abrasive paper 1,000 grit

999250   Abralon abrasive paper 2,000 grit

999251   Abralon abrasive paper 4,000 grit

999604   Hand block with velcro for abrasive paper

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